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Impressed With Jim’s Ability to Lead Sales Teams With Transparency, Discipline, and Structured Process

“Executive sales leadership” comes to mind when I think about Jim Hefty. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jim over the last ten years, as one of his direct reports as well as his peer. Under Jim’s leadership, I learned accountability and execution within an organized and measured sales process. Jim possesses a style of leadership necessary for scaling sales. No matter the product or service, I am impressed with Jim’s ability to lead sales teams with transparency, discipline, and structured process, many of which I still employ in my own practice today. I would highly recommend Jim to any organization considering him for an executive sales leadership role.

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John Baskett

VP, North America Business Development & Partnerships, Memblaze Technologies

Immediately Helped Strengthen Our Sales

We met Jim through our Austin Vistage Chair and I am very fortunate to know Jim in his Outsourced VP of Sales role. Prior to engaging with Jim, VChain felt that we had, what we thought was a solid sales plan for a startup operation but we continued to face challenges with closing clients and deals slipping in the forecast. Jim joined us as our Fractional Sales VP and began working with us on our Sales Process and asking the tough questions about what stage we were in with each of the sales opportunities in our funnel. Jim immediately helped us strengthen our sales strategy and sales plan. In this effort, our sales activity went from engaging a few local clients to now engaging global clients quarter over quarter. I highly recommend Jim if you’re interested in growing and scaling your company sales capability and opportunity.

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James Vinson

President & Founder, V-Chain Solutions

Re-Invented Our Entire Sales Process

Jim Hefty has basically re-invented our entire sales process from the ground up. His experience and confidence are a major factor in every, meeting and training. His leadership on our forecasting and pipeline management has been invaluable and his input on our marketing and communication was a complete bonus we didn’t even realize we needed. I can no longer imagine creating our company’s future without Jim Hefty’s contribution.

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Dr. Joe Schaefer

Digital Media Strategist & President, Motiliti

A Great Leader For The Sales Team

Jim is the best VP of Sales that I have ever worked with. At Tarari, he built an excellent, well run sales organization that worked with tier 1 OEMs like Symantec and Cisco. Not only is he a great leader for the sales team he leads by example. When he first started at Tarari, there was a customer we tried to close a deal with for over a year. In the first month, Jim personally went to that customer and came back with a purchase order. After that all the sales people wanted to be mentored by Jim. I would highly recommend Jim for any and all sales position.

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Richard Johnson

CFO, Ethertronics

Knows What a True Sales Cycle Goes Through, and What’s Required in Every Deal

We got introduced to Jim through one of our investors, Live Oak Venture Partners out of Austin. They recommended him as we were in the process of looking for someone of Jim’s capability and characteristics to help manage and drive the sales process forward for our company.

On a regular basis, as an outsourced VP of Sales, Jim works with the executive team in managing the sales cycle. That is everything from understanding where the pipeline is, to building our forecast, and giving us relevant information so we can make accurate predictions. More importantly, Jim takes it down to a detailed level in really working with the reps and prospect itself to identify the needs and timelines necessary to get a deal across the door.

In working with Jim, what really comes through is experience. Jim has the “grey hair” or the “adult in charge” that can be brought into a sales cycle. He’s had the battle scars and experience that really lends itself to someone knowing what a true sales cycle goes through, and whats required in every deal. Jim is a good guy, and at the end of the day thats what you want to work with in an outsourced scenario are good people that can bring value and represent your company as you move forward.

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Kurt Mueffelmann

President / Chief Operating Officer, Infocyte, Inc.

Gives His Clients A Wealth Of Experience

Jim and I only met recently, but already I’ve seen the value he delivers as we’ve teamed up on one of my client engagements. Jim is a collaborative strategic partner with a razor-sharp focus on driving revenue. As a “fractional” Chief Sales Officer, Jim pours into his clients a wealth of experience gained from 30 years of leading successful sales teams. I consider Jim to be a valuable resource for CEOs seeking to accelerate their growth trajectory.

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Valerie Savage

Principal, Savage Consulting Group

Nothing Else Produced The Results Jim Is Capable Of

Jim serves as a strategic advisor to anthonyBarnum helping us to accelerate and advance our business development objectives. His experience is invaluable to not only the team, but to myself as a CEO. After numerous courses, articles, books, peer groups – none of those strategies ever produced the results Jim is capable of producing for an organization within a couple of months of engagement. I highly recommend CEOs reach out to him at – if getting to that next level of growth is a priority.

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Melissa Anthony Sinn

Founder & CEO, Anthony Barnum Public Relations

He Works Hard To Secure Deals

Jim is a consummate sale professional and truly leads his sales team from the front. He is tenacious and works hard to secure deals that are right for both the customer and for the company.

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John Bromhead

Director of Solution and Services, Cavium

Jim Hefty is the founder of Lone Star Sales Consulting in Texas, a sales consultancy focusing on sales excellence. Before founding Lone Star, Jim spent 33 years in the high technology networking, storage and security markets for hardware, software and services sales. Jim’s deep experience has helped both established and startup companies with both large and private equity backed positions.

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