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We deliver and implement all the sales tools and processes your company will need for sales growth and scale


See A Dramatic Boost In Sales With An Actionable, Step By Step Formal Sales Plan.

Do you need some assistance with your sales plan? Are you looking to outsource a sales leadership position? If so, you need an experienced Austin based Vice President of Sales that can assist with moving your business’s sales strategy forward. You should consider bringing someone onboard as a Fractional VP of Sales.

The Plan I Offer Is Completely Comprehensive.

As your Fractional VP of Sales, I will handle all aspects of building, developing and driving your sales team. I execute under a written and detailed Scope of Work (SOW) that describes how I deliver the discipline, accountability and needed sales infrastructure to build and grow your sales team and sales strategy. I deliver and implement your team’s capabilities for Hiring, Compensation Plans, CRM, Forecasting, Annual and Quarterly Sales Plans, Sales Team 1:1’s and coaching the sales team on a weekly basis (just to name a few deliverable elements).

Why Should You Consider Bringing Me On As A Fractional VP of Sales?

All my clients want to raise the bar of excellence for their sales organizations, however they generally lack the experience, resources, and time necessary to get the job done. I directly oversee your sales team and help lift you company in scaling sales, recognize the problems you have, leveraging my 35+ years of VP of Sales experience and insight to correct them.

Jim Hefty is the founder of Lone Star Sales Consulting in Texas, a sales consultancy focusing on sales excellence. Before founding Lone Star, Jim spent 33 years in the high technology networking, storage and security markets for hardware, software and services sales. Jim’s deep experience has helped both established and startup companies with both large and private equity backed positions.

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